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Class Information & Schedule


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Be one of the many students who are enjoying making their own trendy clothes, not only for themselves but also for their families. You can learn to make skirts, pants, tops, shirts, dresses, jackets and coats in no time at all. And learning the correct techniques makes it even simpler than  ever. Once you have discovered our secrets, you will never look back. Even students who have sewn for many years cannot believe how simple it is when they have been taught these "tricks of the trade" In each module you will learn to make clothes that actually fit you. You will learn things that not everyone is willing to share. And you will learn from an experienced tutor who is a qualified Designer, Dressmaker, Manufacturer, Milliner and Teacher. With more than 30 years teaching experience.  If you have a passion to learn how to sew then this is the right course for you. Do it the least stressful way and book into our classes today! So it doesn't matter whether you are an absolute beginner or just need to build upon your sewing skills, just pick up the phone and book into a class today. 
Choose from any of the class times and days below. You will be a confident sewer in no time, proficiently designing and making your own trendy and individual clothes.  

Check out the modules page so you can see how much you can grow in no time at all! 

In each module you will:

  • Learn Skills and Techniques of Manufacturers and Top Designers
  • Work with styles and patterns that you choose
  • Construct garments from start to finish with ease
  • Fit and Adjust Patterns to your size
  • Learn how to make your own clothes that fit and suit you
  • Learn how easy it is to make clothes for your family
  • Learn from an experienced and qualified tutor (Qualified Teacher (Dip Ed) teaching since 1981, Designer & Dressmaker (M.I.T.)  Milliner (Ascot School of Millinery), RMIT Tutor since 2000)
  • Receive lots of individual attention as all class sizes are kept to a minimum      

Introduction to Sewing Class Friday 6 - 8pm

In this class learn how to master that darn sewing machine, whether you are thinking about buying one or have just opened the box and don't know where to begin.  Or if you have just left it sitting in the corner gathering cobwebs and you just can't remember a thing about it. This class is perfect for you.  Get ready for a great experience and leave with a smile on your face.
Book one of these dates. This class needs to be booked with the module 2 classes. The class dates are designed so that they fit in with the 6 week block module 2. It does not matter if you start Module 2 before doing the Introduction to Sewing Class first. You will be preparing pattern on the first class of Module 2, not sewing.


Class Dates:

  • 9th March, 2018
  • 4th May, 2018
  • 15th June, 2018
  • 27th July, 2018
  • 7th September, 2018
  • 19th October, 2018 
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    Day and Evening Sewing Classes

    Beginner - Advanced Sewing

    Choose one of these days and dates to start:


    Wednesday Afternoon Sewing Classes  12.00pm - 2.00pm OR Wednesday Night Sewing Classes 6.00pm  – 8.00pm

    (Cost: $270 per 6 week term = 2hr x 6)                                                          

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    • 24th Jan - 28th Feb, 2018
    • 7th Mar - 18th April, 2018
    • 2nd May - 6th June, 2018
    • 13th June - 18th July, 2018
    • 25th July - 29th Aug, 2018
    • 5th Sep - 10th Oct, 2018
    • 17th Oct - 28th Nov, 2018 (No day class 21st Nov, day classes will finish a week later)

    Thursday Night Sewing Classes 6.00pm - 8.00pm  OR Thursday Night Sewing Classes 8.00pm - 10.00pm

    (Cost:  $270 per 6 week term = 2hr x 6)

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    • 25th Jan - 1st Mar, 2018
    • 8th Mar - 19th April, 2018
    • 3rd May - 7th June, 2018
    • 14th June - 19th July, 2018
    • 26th July - 30th Aug, 2018
    • 6th Sep - 11th Oct, 2018 
    • 18th Oct - 29th Nov, 2018

    Saturday Morning Sewing Classes 11.00am - 1.00pm OR Saturday Afternoon Sewing Classes 1.00pm - 3.00pm

    (Cost: $270 per 6 week term= 2hr x 6)

    BOOK NOW or call us                                  

    • 3rd Feb - 10th Mar, 2018
    • 17th Mar - 28th Apr, 2018
    • 5th May - 9th June, 2018
    • 16th June - 21st July, 2018
    • 28th July - 1st Sep, 2018
    • 8th Sep - 13th Oct, 2018
    • 20th Oct - 1st Dec, 2018


      Saturday afternoon 3.30pm - 5.30pm

      (Cost $695 per 10 week term = 2hr x 10)  

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        Pattern Making 1
        • 10th Feb - 21st Apr, 2018
        • 7th July - 8th Sep, 2018
          Pattern Making 2
        • 28th Apr - 30th June, 2018
        • 15th Sep - 24th Nov, 2018
          Pattern Making 3
        • TBA

        Super Sewing Sunday Classes 

        (Cost: $270 for 2 sessions = 6hr x 2)

        • TBA


        December 2018

        (Cost: $270 for 6 sessions over 2 weeks)

        BOOK NOW or call us

        • Week 1:  Wed 5th, Thurs 6th, (6-8pm) Sat 8th,(11am-1pm)
        • Week 2:  Wed 12th, 13th (6-8pm),  Sat 15th (11am-1pm)


        (Cost: $270 per 3 week term = 4hr x 3)

        BOOK NOW or call us

        • Sunday 4th March - 18th March, 2018
        • Sunday 17th June - 1st July, 2018
        • Sunday 9th September - 23rd September, 2018
        • Sunday 11th November - 25th November, 2018

        Cost: For each 6 week block for Sewing Classes Beginner - Advanced the cost is $270. Classes are on-going if you choose to continue. For All SPECIALTY CLASSES refer to prices as indicated.

          KIDS / TEENAGER CLASSES  (10-16yo)

          Brand New Class for kids and teenagers (10-16 y.o.) where our young fashionistas can learn how to make their own clothing. Starting with similar content to the adult classes. These class will involve working on the sewing machine, patterns and finally making the garments. Lots of skill building will be incorporated to give each student the confidence to make great garments that every mum would be proud of. 

          (Cost: $270 per 6 week term) 

          Please note that teens can book into our Wednesday or Thursday  evening classes or our Saturday sewing classes. Please call to discuss your options

          We also work with Duke of Ed program

          BOOK NOW or Call us


          Bookings can be made over the phone or in person and now online.  We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Eftpos. For direct debit please contact us. Unfortunately, we are unable to hold places without a payment. As places fill quickly is is advisable to book your place as early as possible before the term commences so that you are ensured the day and time you want. Limited places are available in most class times. Places generally fill 6 weeks prior to commencement so to ensure you have a place please ring and book with your deposit or full payment.    Please Note: Full payments are required with your booking. No part payments accepted. Classes commence at date specified. Students will be notified if any changes occur.

          PLEASE NOTE:



          ALL CLASSES ARE TO BE COMPLETED IN THE TIME FRAME OF THE ORIGINAL BOOKING ie: No classes are to carry over to the next term. Missed classes are to be made up within the six week class period, or will be forfeited. 

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