Overlocker / Stretch Knit Class 2023

These classes are designed for the more experienced sewer who want to learn how to use the overlocker to a professional standard. We will be working with stretch knit fabrics that require a little bit of skill.  You will make a whole new wardrobe that you can co-ordinate together. We will be using a variety of stretch fabrics to help you get familiar with the way they all behave.  You will need to bring along your own overlocker and we will be learning a few tricks on it to help you feel more confident with the whole process of overlocking.
In this 3 week block of classes you will learn how to:
  • Thread the overlocker
  •  Use it and perform some really great tricks on it
  •  Measure and cut out patterns for stretch garments
  •  Choose really great fabrics for the overlocker
  •  Get the fit right on everything you make
  •  Manipulate stretch fabrics on the overlocker
  •  Finish your garments to a professional standard
  •  Make garments easily and without stress
  •  Make garments for your whole family