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Sewing Modules (costs, class outlines) 

Beginner Sewers

It is essential that you book into the Introduction to Sewing Class so that you become familiar with the sewing machine. There will be no time in the classes for you to learn all of these skills. If you already have these skills then you can book straight into Module 2. Beginner sewers must book into the Introduction to Sewing Class as well as the Module 2 classes.The introduction class will run in the first or second week of the classes.  This is okay because you won't be sewing straight away, you have alot of preparation work to do first. 

Intermediate - Advanced Sewers

You can book straight into the Beginner to Advanced classes. These now run on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Although you have sewn before you will be learning skills that are invaluable to any sewer. These skills are what designers and dressmakers use in their work rooms and are not often shared with the general public. You will learn to create and finish your garments to a professional standard. Not only that, you will have FUN too!!

Continuing Classes

We offer classes that run on a 6 week cycle, they are ongoing and we have many students who have been with us for many years and enjoy making their own clothes for themselves and their family. It is always advisable that to get the most out of the modules you need to continue so as to achieve a sound level of skills. This in turn gives you the ability to competently complete the tasks instead of struggling and making a mess of everything you make.

We don't want you to stay here for the rest of your life, but we do want you to get as much out of each module as you can, as each module teaches you new skills and techniques. Of course, depending on your goals, it is always the case of the more you do, the more you learn. So once you have completed your first Module you can continue through the different Modules and complete Pants, Tops, & Dresses, etc.

You can book into Modules whenever you like and for as long as you want to come. You need to observe the prerequisite conditions that apply to each module as they are important for you to develop into a really good sewer. It's all about learning and having fun and interacting with others in your class

Special Note:

These modules are designed to give you a progression through different stages and do not mean that each garment will be finished in that 6 week period. Each block runs for 6 weeks by 2 Hours per week (12 Hours total, unless otherwise stated) Payment is per 6 week block regardless. Some students do take a little longer to complete their garments. For those who are interested in making more garments than what is specified in the modules then you can discuss you projects with the tutor. Learning sewing skills can be a lifelong process especially with the introduction of new styles and new fabrics. Each new skill is a stepping stone for you to build upon. These modules are a great foundation for you to become a very competent and professional dressmaker and designer.

Class Levels


Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $55
Prerequisites: None

This two hour course is designed for the novice sewer or for those who haven't sewn for a while and want to get back into it. In this course you will learn the correct way to use a machine. You will learn threading, bobbin winding, types of threads to use that will give you the best results, and most importantly you will be building your skills through a range of confidence building activities.  Before you book into one of our modules it is important that you complete this course especially if you are an absolute beginner sewer. All modules will require you to know your machine before you start. Please book this class along with Module 2. This class is not available on it's own. 



Cost: $270 per 6 week cycle
Prerequisites:  Introduction to Sewing class or experience with sewing machine

This class is designed for the novice sewer where you can comfortably learn sewing skills without the stress of formalities. You will learn sizing and how to construct your garment to a professional standard. 

Skills you will learn: sewing of seams, elastic/tie waists and hems. You will also learn how to easily put in sleeves and how the PJ top is constructed. 

A brilliant class for those wanting to know basics. Also if you decide to continue you will be learning make to measure garments and you will absolutely love the skirt class. The pj class is a perfect way to build your skills.




Cost: $270 per 6 week cycle

Prerequisites: Introduction to Sewing Class or previous sewing machine knowledge.

In this module you will learn the basics of how a pattern works and how to use it. You will learn pattern adjustment techniques that will give you the correct fit for your body shape. You will learn all the techniques necessary for you to complete your garment to a high standard. 

You will be practising seams, zips and waistbands, and learning how to professionally finish the garment.    



Cost: $270 per 6 week cycle

Prerequisites: Completion of Introduction to Sewing class (if applicable) 2 & 3

This course is designed as a continuation to the skirt module. Where you will have the opportunity to reinforce and practice those skills that you learnt in the skirt making classes. You will also be building upon and developing new skills. 

You will be working on and learning pattern adjustments for pants, and practicing fly zips, pockets and waistband variations. At the same time you will be learning how to finish the garment to a professional standard.  



Cost: $270 per 6 week cycle

Prerequisites: Completion of Introduction to Sewing class (if applicable) & Module 2 & 3

In this module you will be learning how to measure and adjust the bodice part of a pattern. You will be focusing on measuring bust, waist and hip to get a perfect fit for your garment. 

You will be building upon your skills that you have learnt in the previous two modules and you will be gaining more confidence in your ability as a competent sewer. This garment is your stepping stone to the more interesting and more complex garments. 



Cost: $270 per 6 week cycle

Prerequisites: Completion of Introduction to Sewing class (if applicable) 2 & 3 

Now you can start putting your new found knowledge into play, combining many of your skills together to make the perfect day dress. Learn measuring techniques, and new skills to complete your garment.

Work on sleeves, and tricky necklines and finishing techniques that will make your garment stand out in the crowd. Learn what the professional designers and dressmakers do to make their garment look fabulous. 



Cost: $270 per 6 week cycle  

Prerequisites: Completion of Introduction to Sewing class (if applicable) 2, 3 & 5 

You have practiced long and hard to get here and now it is your chance to excel. Make that little black dress, that special strapless dress or that race wear outfit you have always wanted. 

Learn how to shape the seams correctly and put boning in. Professional finishing is the key to making it look fantastic. 



Cost: $270 per 6 week cycle 

Prerequisites: Completion of Introduction to Sewing class (if applicable) 2, 3 & 5 

Learn how to make a jacket or coat to fit your body shape. 

Work on fitting, interfacing, pockets, collars and lining. Learn the tricks to making your jacket look professional. Finish it to a high standard and you will have a fabulous jacket for winter or summer. You could even make one for each season.