Pattern Making 2023

Been sewing for years and you can’t get enough? Well we have the next step on your ladder of learning. Come and do what many people only talk about – Pattern Making. Whet your appetite and join one of our pattern making classes.

In these classes you will:     
-         Learn how to draw your own blocks in your size
-         Be able to adapt your knowledge and make blocks for your family
-         Learn to design your own individual styles
-         Make skirts, pants, tops, dresses and coats in no time at all
-         Learn how the top designers and dressmakers make beautiful clothing.
-         Expand your knowledge and design clothes that suit your body shape
-         Make clothes that are unique and individual and are made just for you
-         Design clothing in the style that you like to wear
-         Learn how easy it is to make patterns with simple and concise instructions
-         Be creative and arouse your imagination   

Pattern Making 1 

This course is an introduction to pattern making and will give you a taste of what you can expect when you have a little bit of knowledge and know-how. Learn to create simple designs and make these into a reality by turning these into working patterns. You will learn how it is done with both simplicity and ease. How exciting will it be when you see the finished product of what you have drawn! 
Time:     10am - 2pm 
Duration:     5 Weeks x 4 hours 
Cost:     $850 (materials extra)  


Date:     TBA


Pre requisite:  To gain a good sound knowledge of pattern making and garment design it is essential that you have very good knowledge of how garments are constructed and are pieced together.  You will have a much better understanding and cope with the course, and of course enjoy it!  (Please do not apply if you have little or no sewing experience)


Pattern Making 2 

Continue on to the next level and learn to put designs together that you have been thinking about for ages.  Learn how to manipulate the pattern and design more complex garments. It will create excitement within you to see how much you can do when you put your mind to it.  


Date:    TBA
Time:     10am - 2pm
Cost:     $850 (material extra)
Pre requisite:     Pattern making 1